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Hitler Family , Goering, and other Jewish And Israeli Nazis,Joseph Goebbels and Germany's Super Rich Jews

Hitler Family , Goering, and other Jewish And Israeli Nazis

Tanya Gold on the Nazi-descended Jews living in Israel | World news ... › World › Judaism

Aug 5, 2008 - The sins of their fathers. A relative of Hitler is now Jewish and living in Israel. So is the son of a Waffen-SS man. Tanya Gold talks to the descendants of Nazis who have embraced Judaism. Rabbi Aharon Shear-Yashuv's father was a soldier in the Waffen-SS. Photograph: Gali Tibbon. Judaism .

Was Magda Goebbels' father Jewish? - Europe - › World News › Europe

Aug 21, 2016 - German historian is claiming that Magda Goebbels, the wife of Hitler's Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels, had a Jewish father. The historian, Oliver Hilmes, was looking through archives in Berlin when he found a population registry document in which a Jewish businessman named Richard ...

Joseph Goebbels' wife's descendants are Germany's richest family ...

Oct 9, 2014 - Joseph Goebbels' wife’s descendants are Germany’s richest family: Relatives of Nazipropagandist’s stepson are worth £24.5 billion. ... Descendants of Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels' wife have become the richest family in Germany. ... The children of Harald Quandt, her son ...

World War Two: Joseph Goebbels' Wife's Descendants Richest ...

Oct 25, 2014 - Magda Goebbels was the wife of Nazi chief propagandist and Hitler's close ally, Joseph Goebbels when World War Two was fought. According to recent information, her descendants own 46.7 per cent stake in German automobile company BMW, making them the richest family in the country. For about ...

Hermann Goering had Jewish ancestors. 

He was descended from the Eberlin family, who were Jewish.

Hermann Goering's godfather was Hermann Eppenstein, who had Jewish origins.

Eppenstein was a mentor to Goering, and Goering lived with him for many years.

Hermann Goering. / JEWISH NAZIS / Goering

Tanya Gold on the Nazi-descended Jews living in Israel | World news ... › World › Judaism

Aug 5, 2008 - The sins of their fathers. A relative of Hitler is now Jewish and living in Israel. So is the son of a Waffen-SS man. Tanya Gold talks to the descendants of Nazis who have embraced Judaism. Rabbi Aharon Shear-Yashuv's father was a soldier in the Waffen-SS. Photograph: Gali Tibbon. Judaism ...

Goering's grandniece seeks closure in Israel - Haaretz - Israel News ... › Jewish World › News

Oct 30, 2008 - Bettina Goering ran away from home at 13, lived on a promiscuous commune in India and later fled to the U.S. and was sterilized. It was all part of an attempt to escape the legacy of her last name. Her great-uncle, her father's beloved godfather, was the infamous Nazi leader Hermann Goering. AdolfHitler's ...

Hitler is the Boss of Germany, but Goering is Hitler's Boss, Says Alfred ...

Noted German Jewish journalist and critic, now in exile. Weighing up Hitler, I said to myself: He is the man of the masses who has read Nietzche. He is the leader of the mob playing as the superman. He is a Mussolini from the bargain basement. Even his brutality is not original. I made the reflection while I was lying in bed, ...

Top Israeli honor eludes Goering's brother, who heroically saved Jews ...

Albert, sibling of Hitler's Luftwaffe commander Hermann Goering, said to have enabled hundreds to escape Nazi regime, but Yad Vashem doubts his eligibility as a Righteous Among the Nations. ... An upcoming BBC documentary is set to highlight the remarkable story of Albert Goering ...

Israel Weighs Whether to Honor Brother of Leading Nazi Hermann ... › English Site › Germany › History

Mar 7, 2013 - Göring's List Should Israel Honor a Leading Nazi's Brother? Leading Nazi Hermann Göringwas instrumental to Hitler's reign of terror, but research suggests his brother Albert saved the lives of dozens of Jews. ... Hermann Göring's younger brother Albert, of all people, rescued Jews ...

Hermann Goering's underpants among Nazi items at auction in Germany

Jun 16, 2016 - The auction scheduled for this weekend at the Herman Historica International auction house in Munich also includes dresses that belonged to Hitler's lover Eva Braun and the case that held the cyanide capsule that Goering, second in command to Hitler, used to take his life the night before he was ...

Heirs seek return of 'cursed' $200m golden treasure bought for Hitler ...

In October 1935, Prussian premier Hermann Goering proudly announced in a much circulated press release that he would soon present Adolf Hitler with a ... especially Jewish property” (commonly known as the Limbach Commission after its head Judge Jutta Limbach), The Times of Israel spoke with both sides of the case, ...

Ynetnews Culture - Descendants of Göring, Eichmann speak out in ...,7340,L-3835103,00.html

Jan 19, 2010 - Descendants of Göring, Eichmann speak out in Israeli documentary. In 'Hitler's Children', descendants of most powerful figures in Nazi regime discuss natural admiration children have toward their parents and their innate revulsion of their crimes. Director Chanoch Zeevi finds 'fascinating similarities' ...,7340,L-3835103,00.html

Niklas Frank, son of Hans Frank and godson of Adolf Hitler, despises his father’s past and spent much of his adult life researching and writing about him. A journalist by trade, he composed a controversial series of articles about his feelings which later became the basis of an even more controversial book, In the Shadow of the Reich, addressed directly to the man (his father) he describes as a “slime-hole of a Hitler fanatic.” Today he lectures about his infamous father to young people in the former East Germany, some of whom are falling under the influence of local neo-Nazis.

Bettina Göring, a descendent of Hermann Göring, lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico where she practices herbal medicine. Her neighbors on either side are Jewish, and because they are constantly quarreling with one another, she is often called in to use her charm and humor to reconcile them. Who would have thought sixty years ago that a Göring would use ‘charm and humor’ to resolve the differences between feuding Jewish neighbors? Both Bettina and her brother had themselves sterilized so as not to pass on the Göring name.

Katrin Himmler, the grand-niece of Heinrich Himmler, married an Israeli Jew – a child of Holocaust survivors.

These are but a few of the descendants that agreed to speak on camera in the compelling film that remains in production. Through email correspondence, Shalom Life contacted director Chanoch Zeevi to discuss his film.

Hermann Goering had Jewish ancestors. 

He was descended from the Eberlin family, who were Jewish.

Hermann Goering's godfather was Hermann Eppenstein, who had Jewish origins.

Eppenstein was a mentor to Goering, and Goering lived with him for many years.

Hermann Goering. / JEWISH NAZIS / Goering


Cecilie, aka Cecile.

There is a belief that there is a Nazi cult which is partly Jewish.

In  November 1937, Prince Philip's sister Princess Cecilie, and Cecilie's Nazi husbandGrand Duke George Donatus of Hesse, were killed in a plane crash.

Grand Duke Ernst Ludwig, the father of Grand Duke George had just died a few weeks earlier.

Cecilie and her husband were flying from Germany to a wedding in London.

Grand Duke George's brother Louis (Prince Ludwig)

Grand Duke George's brother Louis (Prince Ludwig) was going to marry the Honourable Margaret Campbell-Geddes in London.

Also killed in the plane crash were Cecilie and George's sons aged six and four, and 'best man' Joachim Riedesel Freiherr zu Eisenbach, whose family were Nazi elite.

Cecilie's youngest child, Johanna, had remained in Darmstadt.

Grand Duke George Donatus, a Nazi, his wife Princess Cecilie of Greece, and their two elder children, Ludwig and Alexander.

Cecilie was eight months pregnant.

Firemen found the remains of an infant, prematurely delivered when the plane crashed, lying beside Cecilie's body, suggesting the pilot tried to land because she had begun to give birth.

Cecile's plane crashed after hitting a factory chimney in fog near Ostend.

Prince Philip was aged 16 at the time.


Princess Cecilie of Greece and Denmark (1911 – 1937) was the sister of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

She was born in Greece as the third child and daughter of Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark and Princess Alice of Battenberg.

She married her first cousin once-removed, George Donatus, Hereditary Grand Duke of Hesse, in 1931.

Hesse can be a Jewish (Ashkenazic) surname.

Philip at Cecilie's funeral.

Cecilie was buried with her husband, two sons and the stillborn child in Darmstadt at the Rosenhöhe.

The funeral procession was lined with people giving the Hitler salute.

Attending the funeral were Cecilie's brother Philip, and Cecile's maternal uncle, Lord Louis Mountbatten.

At the funeral, "Philip was flanked by relatives in SS and Brownshirt uniforms...

"At the funeral Philip marched with his surviving German brothers-in-law, Prince Christoph of Hesse, husband of Philip’s youngest sister, Sophie, in his SS garb and Christoph's brother, Prince Philipp of Hesse, wearing the SA brown shirt.

"Storm Troopers chief Hermann Goering, a long-time family friend, attended the funeral in person."

Nazis cast murky shadow over royals | Daily Telegraph

Herman Goering (left) and his body-double (right) who was put on trial.

Hermann Goering's brother Albert secured the release of 34 prominent Jews and other political prisoners from the concentration camps and rescued many more

Albert Göring.

Hermann Goering had Jewish ancestors.

He was descended from the Eberlin family, who were Jewish.

Hermann Goering's godfather was Hermann Eppenstein, who had Jewish origins.

Eppenstein was a mentor to Goering, and Goering lived with him for many years.

Hermann Goering. / JEWISH NAZIS / Goering

Grand Duke George's brother Louis (Prince Ludwig)

After the death in the plane crash of Grand Duke George Donatus of Hesse, Louis (Prince Ludwig) became Grand Duke of Hesse.

Louis (Prince Ludwig) adopted Johanna, the daughter of Grand Duke George and Princess Cecilie, but the little girl died in 1939.

In 1960 Prince Louis adopted his distant cousin Moritz, Landgrave of Hesse.

Prince Louis was a friend of the boy-loving British composer Benjamin Britten

Britten dedicated his 1958 song cycle Sechs Hölderlin-Fragmente to the Prince.[1]

Prince Philip's sister Princess Sophie sits opposite Hitler at the 1935 wedding of Hermann Goering.

Prince Philip's mother, Princess Alice of Battenberg, was born to Prince Louis of Battenberg and Princess Victoria of Hesse-by-Rhine, both based in central Germany.

Philip spent much of his youth in Germany, where three of his sisters, Sophie, Cecile and Margarita, married German princes who became leading Nazis.

Nazis cast murky shadow over royals | Daily Telegraph

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Trump,Mueller Investigation  911 Israeli Occupation of Palestinian Land

I don't exactly trust this author as Libertarians such as Ron Paul and's Riamundo are really often pro Israel CIA prostitutes they pretend to warn us about.However some of it is interesting.

Given the scope of a special counsel’s powers, and the wide berth he is given to pursue possible violations to the law far removed from his original mandate, perhaps we should have expected that some other foreign connection would come to light. Flynn was instructed by none other than Jared Kushner, the President’s son-in-law, to approach “every member of the Security Council” to block the resolution condemning the seizure of Palestinian property. The Russians were directly contacted by Flynn, who asked them to veto the resolution in the Security Council.
Flynn’s unsuccessful efforts on behalf of the Israelis were the fruit of an Israeli appeal to the incoming Trump administration. The day after Flynn’s conversation with the Russian ambassador on this subject an anonymous Israeli official told CNN “that Israel – and reportedly the prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, himself – had contacted Trump to seek his assistance in killing the resolution.”
As special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe continues, the full extent of the covert Israeli effort to undermine what was then US policy will come to light, and this may prove to be the most revealing aspect of the whole affair.
What’s interesting is that an Israeli official would come right out andbrazenly boast of having turned to the Trump team to stop the resolution:
“The official – in comments that may come back to haunt the White House – said that Israel had ‘implored the [Obama] White House not to go ahead and told them that if they did, we would have no choice but to reach out to President-elect Trump.
“‘We did reach out to the president-elect,’ the official added, ‘and are deeply appreciative that he weighed in, which was not a simple thing to do.’”
By inserting that information into the public record, the legal case against both Flynn and possibly other figures in the Trump administration is considerably strengthened. Which makes one wonder: did the Israelis deliberately burn Trump?
Yes, I’m indulging in pure speculation, and yet why would an Israeli official openly discuss such a delicate matter? Even as the outgoing Obama-bots weresetting the trap for Flynn – an effort Tel Aviv may well have been privy to – the Israelis were letting the world know that they had the Americans in their pocket.
This is more grist for Mueller’s mill: aside from that, Kushner has financial and political links to Israel, and these are now likely coming under the special counsel’s scrutiny. One can now see what direction this investigation may be taking us: Instead of revealing collusion between the Trump team and the Russians, the Flynn indictment exposed Kushner’s collusion with Israel.
Has Russia-gate morphed into Israel-gate?
If this is, indeed, the direction Mueller is taking, then this development is certain to end the fondest hopes of #TheResistance. Because it’s highly unlikely any public official, no matter how compromised, is going to be prosecuted for collusion with the Israelis and/or their American lobby. The last time US law enforcement tried that was back in 2009, in the Larry Franklin spy scandal, in which two employees of AIPAC, the powerful Israeli lobby, were prosecuted for procuring vital secrets from National Security Council analyst Larry Franklin. That case was dropped because pursuing it would have revealed yet more secrets.
That was a case of outright espionage: “collusion” is a far different – and much vaguer – matter. In any event, the fact is that after what seems like years of accusations, not a single iota of actual evidence has corroborated the charge that the Trump campaign plotted with Putin to deprive Hillary Clinton of her divine right of succession to the Oval Office. The foundational myth upon which the Mueller investigation rests – the idea that Russia was behind the WikiLeaks email dump – was never real to begin with: the Mueller probe, therefore, once launched, branched out into a more general look at foreign influence on the incoming administration. Which could and should mean that half of Washington will soon be lawyering up.
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Why Did Robert Mueller Obstruct Congress’s 9/11 Probe?

Sixteen years after the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, we still don’t know what happened. How did a ragtag bunch of hijackers, armed only with box cutters, manage to gain control of those airliners? How did they get into the United States to begin with? Who supported them while they were here? Why didn’t law enforcement – which had plenty of clues as to what they were up to – stop them? Prior to the attacks, our government spent billions on “anti-terrorist” programs designed to prevent precisely what occurred on September 11, 2001 – yet Mohammed Atta and his accomplices managed to slip through the cracks. How?
While some in our government may have at least partial knowledge, the American public doesn’t know the answers to these questions.
What we do know, however, is that our lives were changed forever: propelled into a war without end, the United States launched attacks on Afghanistan, Iraq, and elsewhere that are still ongoing. Thousands of Americans and an untold number of Afghans, Iraqis, and others – hundreds of thousands – have so far perished in what our generals tell us will be a “generational” conflict with no discernible end in sight.
We also know, thanks to public agitation around this question, that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia had substantial involvement in the 9/11 attacks. The campaign to reveal the redacted portions of the Joint Congressional Inquiry into Intelligence Community Activities Before and After the Terrorist Attacks of September 11 was partially successful, although there is still much the government is keeping from the American people. What we learned from the pages that were revealed is that Saudi government employees aided and directed at least two of the hijackers – and that Prince Bandar al Sultan, then Saudi ambassador to the United States, was at the center of the spider web that ensnared the nation on 9/11.
Now a lawsuit brought by some of the 9/11 families reveals that, a full two years before 9/11, the Saudi government funded a “dry run” designed to test airline security. As Paul Sperry reports in the New York Post:
“Two years before the airliner attacks, the Saudi Embassy paid for two Saudi nationals, living undercover in the US as students, to fly from Phoenix to Washington ‘in a dry run for the 9/11 attacks,” alleges the amended complaint filed on behalf of the families of some 1,400 victims who died in the terrorist attacks 16 years ago.”
The lawsuit accuses the Saudis of providing “both financial and operational support” to the operation, which was clearly a covert action by Saudi intelligence. Lawyers for the complainants allege that the two “students” — Mohammed al-Qudhaeein and Hamdan al-Shalawi – were part of “the Kingdom’s network of agents in the US.”
The evidence marshaled by the lawsuit is pretty impressive. It shows that:
  • These “students” trained at an al-Qaeda camp at the same time as some of the hijackers.
  • They had regular contact with a highly-placed Saudi leader of al-Qaeda who is now imprisoned at Gitmo.
  • Both were Saudi government employees and were in regular contact with the Saudi embassy.
It was November, 1999, when Qudhaeein and Hamdan boarded an Air West flight to Washington, D.C., and started acting in a highly suspicious manner. A summary of the FBI files on them states:
“After they boarded the plane in Phoenix, they began asking the flight attendants technical questions about the flight that the flight attendants found suspicious. When the plane was in flight, al-Qudhaeein asked where the bathroom was; one of the flight attendants pointed him to the back of the plane. Nevertheless, al-Qudhaeein went to the front of the plane and attempted on two occasions to enter the cockpit.”
The reaction of the pilots was clearly “Islamophobic” – they carried out an emergency landing in Ohio, where the duo was arrested, handcuffed, and taken in for questioning. Luckily for the Saudi conspirators, the FBI decided their behavior was no big deal and let them go. It was only later that our Keystone Kops discovered that “a suspect in a counterterrorism investigation in Phoenix was driving Shalawi’s car” and this “student” had “trained at terrorist camps in Afghanistan and had received explosives training to perform attacks on American targets.” As for Qudhaeein, the FBI concluded he “was a Saudi intelligence agent, based on his frequent contact with Saudi officials.”
Move along, folks — nothing to see here!
wrote about the connection between the Saudi government and the activities of some of the hijackers in San Diego, which was revealed when the 28 pages of the redacted Joint Inquiry report were partially unredacted. We wouldn’t know anything about this part of the 9/11 plot if Robert Mueller – then FBI director, now the “special counsel” heading up the “Russia-gate” probe – had had his way. When the Joint Inquiry sent former FBI lawyer and counterterrorism expert Michael Jacobson to San Diego to investigate Saudi links to 9/11, Mueller was furious, as Andrew Cockburn reports in Harper’s:
“Bob Graham, the former chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, told me recently that Robert Mueller, then the FBI director (and now the special counsel investigating connections between Russia and the Trump campaign) made “the strongest objections” to Jacobson and his colleagues visiting San Diego.
“Graham and his team defied Mueller’s efforts, and Jacobson flew west. There he discovered that his hunch was correct. The FBI files in California were replete with extraordinary and damning details …”
Jacobsons’s San Diego sojourn unearthed much evidence of FBI incompetence, including the fact that two of the hijackers, Nawaf al-Hazmi and Khalid al-Mihdhar,who had arrived in California from Malaysia and been taken under the wing of Saudi agents, “had been close with an FBI informant, Abdussattar Shaikh,” as Cockburn informs us:
“Hazmi had actually lived in his house after Mihdhar left town. Shaikh failed to mention his young Saudi friends’ last names in regular reports to his FBI case officer, or that they were taking flying lessons. Understandably, the investigators had a lot of questions for this man. Nevertheless, Mueller adamantly refused their demands to interview him, even when backed by a congressional subpoena, and removed Shaikh to an undisclosed location ‘for his own safety.’ Today, Graham believes that Mueller was acting under orders from the White House.”
Think about this for a moment: the man now in charge of investigating the President of these United States for “collusion” with Russia and possible “obstruction of justice” himself obstructed a congressional investigation into the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Was Mueller, possibly on orders from President George W. Bush, colluding with the Saudis to cover up their role?
The Bush administration, with its familial ties to the Saudis, had every interest in covering up Riyadh’s active complicity. Aside from that, they were pushing the fable of Saddam Hussein’s ‘links” to the 9/11 attacks.
So many lies! So much official obstruction! Now, however, the truth is finally coming out. With the passage of legislation stripping the Saudis of their “sovereign immunity” – over President Obama’s veto – the class action suit against the Saudis is moving forward. Armed with thousands of pages of documents showing how Riyadh and its global network of Islamic extremists have succored, aided, and directed al-Qaeda and allied organizations in terrorist attacks against US citizens and interests, the families of those killed, wounded, and traumatized on September 11, 2001, are about to get their day in court.
And what is bound to come out is the complicity of US officials in the cover-up. It looks to me like Robert Mueller’s time in the spotlight is about to get a lot more interesting.
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